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What Our Artists Have To Say...


Haley Mae Campbell
Singer - Songwriter / Charleston, SC

"I had a fantastic experience working at the Sound Shelter. The space was very accommodating, with a relaxed, cool atmosphere. I would definitely recommend this studio to anyone looking for a new spot to record their next project!"


Kayla Steinmetz
Singer - Songwriter / Nashville, TN

"Working at the sound shelter was an overall great experience! Their vibe is friendly and efficient, much like their energetic staff; it's welcoming and unlike anywhere else! Each piece we finished sounded polished and professional. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for a great recording that won't break your wallet, and I plan to return to them with future projects!"

Cheyanne Cope
Singer - Songwriter / Philadelphia, PA

"I don’t have enough words to describe my experience at The Sound Shelter, but fantastic & inventive & a true collaboration are a few that come to mind. To have someone have the same stakes in your song as you do is an unmatchable feeling – Brett & Chris are all in, making it a true novelty to get to work with them. "

Alicia Michilli
Singer - Songwriter / Nashville, TN

"Always a professional and peaceful environment. Love working with this studio. Brett Stewart is a wonderful human and great at what he does. Will continue to come back!"

Le French
60s YeYe Music / Nashville, TN

"We went to The Sound Shelter to start our EP. We were blown away by how perfectly Brett was able to recreate that 60s Euro feel. Everything was sonically perfect, clean, and crisp while still sounding like it came out of a recording studio 60 years ago. He knows his stuff, and we really appreciate the expediency and efficiency with which everything was finished. Not to mention, their space is awesome and vibey. There was more than enough room for my entire band to comfortably hang out for the day. Send your friends, they'll love it!"

Electric Rock Band / Brooklyn, NY

"We used Brett Ryan Stewart at The Sound Shelter to mix our first full-length album. We're based in Bloomington, IN, so we had Brett do a first pass on the mix without us, and then we spent a few long days with him in the studio, and made some final changes from afar. Brett is a very talented engineer that we felt like we could trust to do a great job with our record, and he's been extremely organized and easy to communicate with, which is crucial when working long distance. Brett is also a super nice, friendly guy, which made our long days in the studio really fun. We are very happy with the work he's done on our record and I highly recommend working with him!"

Brent Moyer
"The Global Cowboy" / Nashville, TN

"Brett and Chris are great guys and wonderful musicians! We laugh a lot and come up with amazing results! Go make your next record there, you won't be disappointed!"

Dan O'Donnell
Saxophonist and Vocalist / Jacksonville, AL

"My band recorded our debut album with Brett Stewart. We had a wonderful time tracking, and working with the staff at The Sound Shelter. Fair prices, quality equipment, and talented people."

Mandy Mae Hallman
Singer/Songwriter / Nashville, TN

"After 6 1/2 years in Nashville, I've finally found my studio home at The Sound Shelter. I recommend these guys to anyone and everyone!"

Dr. Mario Martinez
Author & Scientist / Montevideo, Uruguay

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Brett R Stewart on the audio recording of my new book The MindBody Self: How Longevity is Culturally Learned and the Causes of Health Are Inherited. The sessions were creative and productive. Brett, is a highly skilled audio engineer with a passion for perfection. He makes authors feel comfortable, and grateful for his relentless quest for excellence. I am so pleased that my publisher (Hay House) chose Brett to record my work."

Muddy Grove
Americana Duo / Mattoon

"We had a great experience working with Brett Stewart. We recorded a Christmas track at a different studio and were never pleased with the mix or sound of the song. Our friend, Christine Moad, recommended Brett Stewart of "The Sound Shelter” to mix and edit the track for us. We were very impressed with Brett’s professionalism and knowledge. He was able to have the track mixed and edited in a very timely manner, and provided us with a hospitable and creative environment with coffee and laughs. We are very proud of the finished product and will definitely be working with Brett in the future!"

Priscilla Barker
Singer - Songwriter / Nashville, TN

" Recording and tracking with Chris and Brett at The Sound Shelter was nothing short of an awesome and fun experience! They have such a knack for bringing a song to life and making it better than you can imagine. Great vibes and great easy-going people to work with who truly give their all to make each song special. Amazing production, awesome studio space, and affordable prices. Doesn't get much better than that. Happy I found these guys and cannot wait to work with them again in the future! Y'all rock! "

Stacie Huckeba
Photographer & Filmmaker / Nashville, TN

"Using people is usually a bad thing, but when it comes to my audio needs, I don't mind saying that I use the heck out of Brett Stewart! Whether he is fixing it in the mix for me, opening up the doors to his beautiful Sound Shelter studio or bringing his mobile multi-track recording rig to a location shoot, I can count on him to be professional, pay attention to every detail and to have a great sense of humor through it all. And most importantly, he genuinely cares about the music."

Wild Ponies
Folk Rock Duo / Nashville, TN

"We were looking around at different studios, trying to find the right place to record our new album.  We decided to go down to the Sound Shelter and spend a couple hours goofing off.  To hear what the place sounded like, we took in a brand new song that we were working on and tracked it live- bass, drums, vocals, electric guitar - then pulled a board mix.  We loved the way it sounded and decided to do the whole record there. Here’s the best part- if you want to hear those tracks of us in there screwing around that day, you can.  We used every bit of it as the first track on the new record.  To me, that speaks volumes. "

Reckless Johnny Wales
Folk - Americana / Nashville, TN

"Best fuckin’ record I ever cut was at The Sound Shelter. Thanks guys."


Hege Oversveen
Pop-Roots Rock / Oslo, Norway

"I traveled across the Atlantic to record my sophomoric album with Brett. We prepared a lot before I arrived and then we  worked three solid weeks in the studio. It's so far my best recording experience, and I'm very proud of the result. The entire process was fearless, creative, and professional. Brett has his own way of making you feel like a superstar. 
The Sound Shelter has top knotch gear, a chill atmosphere and I'm just in love with the place! 

Love from Norway"


Cardboard Kids
Americana Rock and Soul / Nashville, TN

"Tracking our record at The Sound Shelter was an incredible experience. Tres and his crew were able to provide us with the exact gear, tones, and experience in order to get the greatest quality tunes possible. Favorite studio we've ever tracked in"

The Sunsets
New Wave Pop Rock / Jacksonville, AL

"Our experience at The Sound Shelter GREATLY exceeded our expectations. We knew that we had come to the right place from the moment we walked through the door. Brett is an insanely talented audio engineer, and was instrumental in helping us find the perfect sound that we were looking for in our music. We can't wait to come back to The Sound Shelter!"

Julie Christensen
Singer-Songwriter/ Nashville, TN

"The Sound Shelter crew are welcoming and efficient, and the vibe is relaxed and casual. The 2 songs I’ve been lucky enough to record there so far came out sounding great. They have a cool thing going there. Treat yourself."


Miss Christine
Pop-Rock / Nashville, TN

"Recording at The Sound Shelter and working with Brett was a phenomenal experience. My band felt at ease and Brett went above and beyond to make sure that we were comfortable. The session fit within my budget and the recording quality is top dollar. I'd highly recommend working with Brett at The Sound Shelter to anyone. You won't regret it!"

Amelia White
Singer-Songwriter/ Nashville, TN

"Working at the Sound Shelter was a great mix of relaxing and professional. Just what you want a studio to be. The result of my recording sounds great, and Brett knows his way around the board,  and he and Chris Tench added some beautiful touches to my song."

The Hollywood Kills
Rock Band/ Nashville, TN

"The Sound Shelter is a one of a kind studio with a cool atmosphere and a great staff. It’s impossible not to feel inspired when you work there."

Adam Pope
Singer-Songwriter/ Nashville, TN

"The Sound Shelter was truly an AWESOME experience for my recording! In addition to the comfort of the studio, the fun, yet professional atmosphere was conducive to a fantastic record that I (as an artist and the songwriter) could not be any happier with! Throughout the process, Brett was thoughtful and proved over and over again how much he cares about his work. It really shows! He engineered the session and listened to the music with his heart. His direction/ideas were timely and positive, which made me and the song WAY better. Thank you Brett, Robyn, Chris, and Tres!"

Rock Band/ Los Angeles, CA

"The Sound Shelter is great. We love it. Tons of amps and guitars that matched and exceeded the sound we heard in our head. Tres kicked ass on the production. He pushed us and made us try some new things without changing our sound. It was worth the trip from LA to record here. Viva los Sound Shelter!"

Headless Household
Jazz-Fusion/ Santa Barbara, Ca

"Brett did a fantastic job, on short notice, capturing just the right blend of warmth and clarity in the vocal tracks, blending beautifully with the existing tracks."


Ryan Harris Brown
Singer-Songwriter/ Nashville, TN

"The Sound Shelter's live room was able to fit my five piece band and a four person film crew for my last project.  For the price and the quality, you can't really beat that."

Justin Nelson
Pop-Folk / Nashville, TN

"The Sound Shelter is awesome. I worked with Brett, and we had a blast recording my single. He was on top of it for sure, and I definitely left feeling we accomplished something cool. I would have to say my favorite part about the studio is the large ceiling in the tracking room. Super cool for drums, especially if you're looking for a big sound. They have a great gear selection, and the space in general just has a good feel to it. Everything was right on time getting back to me, and the price is dang good! Really, hard to beat. Can't wait to go back!"

Carly Jamison
Pop-Punk-Rock/ Brooklyn, NY

"Yes, I will travel all the way from NYC to Nashville just to record at The Sound Shelter because they are that good! It saves both time and money because while additional travel expenses may be incurred, they are more than made up for in all of the reduced costs that result from working with a team this talented, professional, and efficient. Tres, Brett, and Chris have the art of studio recording down to a science and can get more accomplished in a few days than most people can in a week. So when I need to get stuff done faster than a New York minute… I head to Nashville and work at The Sound Shelter."

Dick Aven
Americana - Rock / Nashville, TN

"I always have a good time working at The Sound Shelter. It has a nice laid back vibe, killer sound and a very knowledgeable and professional staff."

Steve Baldino
Folk- Blues - Acoustic Rock / Austin, TX

"I have worked with Brett Stewart, the Sound Shelter's main engineer, for years on various projects.  I've also worked with a number of other producers and engineers across the country.  I keep coming back to Brett for two main reasons.  First of all, he's a fun guy to work with.  Making an album is a really stressful process for me, and if the process gets to be too aggravating and tedious you can hear that frustration in the tracks in one form or another.  Working with Brett and the other guys at the Sound Shelter was a breeze.  We had a lot of fun with the recordings, and I really enjoyed the vibe of the studio.  Secondly, and really most importantly, the guys are all first class musicians and engineers.  I flew from Austin to Nashville to record my most recent album at the Sound Shelter, because I really couldn't find a better sound for the money anywhere else.  Listening to all of my recordings over the years, the songs I recorded with Brett are far and away the best sounding recordings I've done."

David Newbould
Americana- Rock / Nashville, TN

"I love everything about The Sound Shelter. Chris is a relentless producer on getting things to sound the way you want them. He, Brett and Tres are three of the easiest guys I've ever worked with. I'm confident that everything I hope for going in is going to come out better than I had intended. Wonderful vibe in the tracking room, and a great hang overall."

Brian James & The Revival
Blues - Rock / Nashville, TN

"We took the band down to Franklin to do some tracking at The Sound Shelter.  It was a great experience, the room was vibey, and the band was comfortable.  Chris took great care of us, easily accommodating requests.  Nigel was engineering on the session, and between the two of them, they left us nothing to complain about.  Sound Shelter is a room that is so comfortable to chill in, that you begin to work without realizing it.  We got tracks bounced to us immediately, there was never any lag time on the studio's end.  Thanks guys for taking such good care of us, we'll be back soon!"

Folk - Americana / Nashville, TN

"I booked time at The Sound Shelter to master my new single "Hold Me Still." They made me feel right at home! So at home that we ended up tracking another tune with the extra time left over after the mastering was done! I'm very excited to go back and record more music at this gem of a studio. You won't be disappointed if you decide to work at The Sound Shelter. Do it!"

Bob Saporiti
Songwriter / Record Producer / former executive / Nashville, TN

"In my 50 years in the music business, I have spent many hours in recording studios. I’ve worked in some of the funkiest home studios back in the 60’s and 70’s and some of the most elaborate and state-of-the-art later while serving as Sr VP and GM for Warner Bros. Records in Nashville. I’ve recorded all over the world and I can honestly say, I have never had a better or more satisfying experience than I did at The Sound Shelter Studios with Brett Stewart and Chris Tench."

Erika Raen
Singer-Songwriter / Nashville, TN

“Brett has made each of my experiences at The Sound Shelter effortless. His creativity and enthusiasm make it easy to execute my projects. He not only has an incredible ear for music, but also a gift for giving helpful direction. Brett & The Sound Shelter are my go-to for recording." 

Ethan Will
Singer-Songwriter / Nashville, TN

" Working at The Sound Shelter is always a great experience. After the first time recording with them they felt like family! The atmosphere is chill and relaxed, but most importantly.. they are professional and great at making music come to life! "

Charlie Treat
Singer-Songwriter / Nashville, TN

"After hearing the Reckless Johnny Wales records I knew Sound Shelter stood apart from other studios. I took a song I tracked at my own studio to Brett for mixing and for a reasonable price he made it sound like it was recorded in a million dollar studio. Brett is eager to get creative, he is patient and he is a perfectionist. Everyone at the studio, Brett, Chris and Patrick, are great guys and fantastic producers and engineers."

Caitlyn White
Singer-Songwriter / Nashville, TN

"I had a blast recording at the Sound Shelter. We used the live room to record one of my recent YouTube video's. Not only did it sound amazing but the industrial look and the lighting made a really cool visual. The crew was fast, efficient and most importantly, made us feel right at home. They really seemed to be enjoying the project right along with us. Needless to say, I will definitely be recording there again."

Jeff Shore
Songwriter / Nashville, TN

"Brett nailed the energy of the track. His skills and instincts, the talents of Chris and Rosemary, and the positive atmosphere all make The Sound Shelter a “go to” studio."


David Couts
Singer-Songwriter/ Nashville, TN

"My experience at The Sound Shelter has been everything I expected it would be after I had already worked with Brett and Chris prior to its existence. This place is truly a labor of love for both music and creativity, and these guys pour their heart and soul into the recording process and make the experience a personal one. They want you to be satisfied, and they want to be proud to put their name on it. Very fairly priced for what you get."


Katie Roy
Singer-Songwriter/ Nashville, TN

"Working at The Sound Shelter was such a great experience! Everyone there is very passionate about what they do. Chris and Brett are brilliant and they both had great input on my songs. That really helped shape my songs into something bigger than I could ever imagine. I highly recommend this studio! Trust me, you won't be disappointed."

robison kids.jpg

Robison Kids (Justin Robison)
Pop-Rock/ Nashville, TN

"We have recorded in many studios around town, and we each believe The Sound Shelter to be the best. It's a professional studio with a down-home feel.  It's a place where you feel at home to create and record with ease and comfort. 

They have a great selection of gear and that can be helpful to an artist who is working on a budget. I plan on recording my next project here. " ...READ FULL REVIEW

Rock-Worship / Toccoa, GA

"If you want to record in a professional studio, with an engineer that cares as much about your project as you do, has plenty of equipment and sounds to choose from, all at a reasonable price, The Sound Shelter is exactly where you need to go. I look forward to recording there again and would highly recommend anyone to do their next project there." ...READ FULL REVIEW

Brysen O'Neil
Singer-Songwriter/ Nashville, TN

"I had a blast working with Brett and Chris at The Sound Shelter. They were very welcoming to the big group of people I brought in with me while recording, and they showed us all a great time. Chris added some amazing guitar and bass touches to the song, and Brett was a production wizard. Both very talented and professional dudes with an awesome studio!"

Dave Whitcher Saga
Pop-Rock / Portland, OR

"I am a songwriter from Oregon, who ended up in a good predicament after a successful Kickstarter campaign: where can I go to get the best product possible? Through a winding series of fortunate events, I connected with Brett at the Sound Shelter.

I had never been to Tennessee, but after many consultations via email, I knew this is where I needed to go. Once I got there, the first thing I noticed was that Brett was much taller than he appeared in his emails. Nonetheless, he turned out to be a top notch guy in all respects. Anyone who has worked with him knows what a beyond human set of ears the man has. He was detecting nanoseconds of static pop undetectable by humans and dogs alike, then surgically eliminating them, as if his life depended on it. 

The resulting product was five of my songs sounding nothing like five of my songs. I don’t mean they were rewritten into dub step with French subtitles, but the quality of production and musicianship made them far surpass whatever vision I initially had when writing them. I could not be happier with how everything turned out. The care with which Brett worked in all phases made me feel as though it was his own recording. He included me in the production process and genuinely made me feel like a contributing part of the team. 

Although my wife and I only spent a couple of days at the Sound Shelter, we came back to Oregon knowing that we had not just had an incredible, positive experience, but that we had made friends, become part of a new family. We’re already plotting to find a way to go back with more songs next year!!"

Thank you for everything, past, present and future!

copyright the Sound Shelter 2013