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Meet The Team


Brett R Stewart

Engineer/Songwriter/ Producer/Cat Lover

 Prior to relocating to Nashville in 2008, I spent all my paper route money to build Deep Groove Studio (DGS) in my home state of Delaware. I learned the craft of sound recording by inviting over friends to pull all-nighters with me while I moved microphones every which way, tweaked the dials on compressors, etc, and all the while honing in on the performance and song being captured.

DGS quickly became a staple in the Delaware/ Philadelphia area, leading me to record & produce over 30 albums for other artists, including works with many notable industry professionals such as Obie O’brien (Bon Jovi) and Johnnie Neel (Allman Brothers).  My work has appeared on Fox Television, A&E, OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) and Music Business Radio.

I’m both humbled and grateful for all the extraordinary talent I’ve been privileged to work with throughout the years, and thrilled to bring this experience to our tremendous team here at The Sound Shelter. Collectively, we bring an abundance of creative energy and support to every project.


Tres Sasser

Producer/Songwriter/Pop Music Aficionado

I’m a producer with a successful career spanning over a decade, with over 40 records to my credit.  I started out my professional music career in the early nineties as the bassist for Nashville punk-pop band The Vegas Cocks.  Then I joined up with Atlantic Records artist, Will Hoge.  In the seven years to follow, I was touring, writing and recording songs, one of which was, “You Make Me Happy,”  that landed as the title song for the CBS sitcom, “Still Standing.” “Your Fool,” written by Will and I was also picked as the lead off single by Atlantic records for Hoge’s CD, “Carousel.”   In recent years, I  have produced a string of successful independent projects for artists such as: Restavrant, Carly Jamison, The Cold Stares, and most recently The Cardboard Kids.   I also started a small boutique record label called American Echo.   Through producing and co-writing my work has also been featured on television networks such as: CBS, A&E, TNT, TBS,  ABC and ESPN.

I love all kinds of music and am excited what the future holds for me and the Sound Shelter.


Robyn A. Davis

Music Junkie & Visioneer

While in college, I was the Student Activities Director my senior year and fell in love with the entertainment business so much so that I thought I would make a career in music business. LIfe took me in a different direction and toward a very successful career in healthcare management. My love of music and the creative process never left me even as I was pursuing a different career.

After landing in Nashville in 2006, I amassed my fair share of musician and songwriter friends who needed help on the business side of their creative dream. The skills I had learned so many years ago came flooding back and were further enhanced by my experiences in the business world. Those friendships led me to the opportunity to be a part of what we are building here at The Sound Shelter. The entire creative process is exciting and I enjoy being a part of something that is bigger than myself and hopefully has a lasting legacy.

Music is a universal language. I am extremely proud to be a part of what we are creating at The Sound Shelter and to be a part of this amazingly creative team.


Chris Tench

Songwriter/ Producer/ Multi instrumentalist

I’m a Songwriter/ Producer and Multi instrumentalist who’s career has spanned over two decades. I started out my professional career in the mid 1980′s as a Drummer and Guitarist in cover bands. I relocated from Hudson Ohio to Atlanta Georgia with original band Tabula Rasa in 1991 where I also began working on short films and television.

Moving to Nashville Tennessee in 1993, I joined up with long time Friend, Musician, Puppeteer, Writer and Director Liam Lynch to form the band Owens Ashe’s. That would then lead to working with my other home town Friend Writer/ Producer Matt Crocco on MTV’s The Sifl & Olly Show as guitar player and far out character ” Zafo”.

In the years to follow, I built a solid base of Touring, Writing, Recording and Producing with such artists as: Robert Nix, Kim Collins, Dick Aven, Roger Moutenot, Brian Arbuckle, Liam Lynch, Ben Keith, Matt Crocco, David Crocco, Brian David Hardin, Joe Costa, Tres sasser.

In the last few years, I have Written, Played and Produced For and With Independent Artists, Bands, Movies and Television Shows such as: Good Day for It, Matthew Ryan, No Boundaries , Joanna Cotten, Brett Ryan Stewart, Amelia White , Carly Jamison , Moe Loughran, Cardboard Kids and most recently Julie Christensen.

I’m excited to be part of The sound Shelter and this amazingly creative team.

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