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Demo Services

The Sound Shelter is a full service, recording studio in Franklin, TN that can handle your demo needs on any budget.  From guitar/piano vocals to a full band, we can provide everything you need for a professional demo recording.

Whether you are a performing songwriter or require musicians and vocalists, we can provide your demo with top quality performance to put your song front and center from a production standpoint.  As part of our service, we provide engineering and rough mix.  If you require a significant amount of pre-production, then our in-house producers can assist for an additional fee.

Guitar/piano vocal and songwriter is singer/accompanist    


Guitar/piano vocal, studio musician provided                         


Guitar/piano vocal, studio musician/vocalist provided            


Full band (4 piece) and vocal, band is recording artist


Studio band and vocal, songwriter is vocalist


Studio band/vocalist             












*prices do not include tax (9.25% TN State Sales Tax)

We can also create demo’s for you with a MIDI driven band to reduce some of your costs.  Please ask if this is something you think would work for your song/sound.

For a complete gear list, Visit the GEAR page.


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